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Veronica was born and raised in Michigan.  She wanted to become a lawyer and judge since the age of 8.  

Veronica attended Michigan State University and was a part of James Madison College, graduating with a degree in International Relations.  Veronica received a law degree from Western Michigan-Cooley Law School. 

In 2004, Veronica moved to Las Vegas and began an internship with the law firm of Dempsey, Roberts & Smith, and was licensed in Nevada in 2005. 

She was a Senior Attorney with Dempsey, Roberts & Smith, practicing civil litigation and family law until 2017.

In 2017, Veronica began working for Mandarich Law Group focusing on civil litigation and consumer debt law.

In addition to being a practicing attorney for 15 years in general law, civil litigation, consumer debt, and family law, Veronica serves our community. 

For 11 years she has volunteered with the State Bar of Nevada Fee Dispute Committee as a mediator and arbitrator.


For the past 3 years she also has proudly served as a Justice of the Peace Pro Tem Judge in the Las Vegas Small Claims court. 

Veronica has the unique experience of seeing both sides of the courtroom - as an attorney and as a judge.  

Veronica also volunteers often at her children's school and is a member of her neighborhood service committee.

Veronica and her husband enjoy being outdoors.  They have three sports-loving boys and a dog.   


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